Children's Book Exhibition: Transatlantic Slavery




Children's Book Exhibition - Transatlantic Slavery (Winter 2019)

Location: McGill University, 853 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal,
Arts Building, West Wing, 3rd floor

A new exhibition of children's books, created for an assignment in Prof. Charmaine A. Nelson's undergraduate course, The Visual Culture of Slavery (ARTH 353A, Fall 2018) is currently on display. The Teaching Assistant for this course was Mirra Margarita-Ianeva (MA Art History). The students had to research, write, and illustrate an original children's book for one of three potential age ranges of children between 5 and 13 years old. The horrific nature of slavery makes children's literature a difficult challenge since a balance must be struck between narrating and representing painful and traumatic histories truthfully and delivering age-appropriate content. This exhibition, located in the first bookcase at the top of the stairs in Arts West, highlights several of the many wonderful books that the students created.


List of Participants: Dawn Avery, Flore Brunswick, Roxanne Cornellier, Gemma Else, Anabelle Fisher, Tess Frauley-Elson, Sabine Gilbert, Noa Grossman, Sophia Kamps, Beatrice Malleret, Gabby Marcuzzi, Denisa Marginean, Mohammed Odusanya, Margaret Ovenell, Danielle Shmuel, Amelie Sittenauer, Kirsten Wesselow, Sarah Wetmore