Selected Publications

Christiana Abraham, “Toppled Monuments and Black Lives Matter: Race, Gender and Decolonization in the Public Space. An Interview with Charmaine A. Nelson,” 
Atlantis: Critical Studies in Gender, Culture, and Social Justice, vol. 42, no. 1 (2021), unpaginated

“Our Unspoken Discomfort with Interracial Relationships: Canada’s History of Slavery  has had a profound impact on how we view cross-racial couples,
 The Walrus,1 October 2020

“ A ‘tone of voice peculiar to New-England’: Fugitive Slave Advertisements and the Heterogeneity of Enslaved People of African Descent in Eighteenth-Century Quebec,” Atlantic Slavery and the Making of the Modern World:  Experiences, Representations, and Legacies, Current Anthropology, guest editors Ibrahim Thiaw and Deborah Mack, vol. 61, no. 22 (September 2020), 14 pages.

"The Canadian Narrative about Slavery is wrong," The Walrus, 11 November 2019

"Black Female Figure," Frieze Masters Magazine, 21 August 2018 (7)

"Living Memory: Centuries-Old Black Cemeteries Force us to Re-examine Canada's past," The Future of Almost Everything Issue, The Walrus, June 2018, pp. 84-88

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"Servant, Savage or Sarah: Enslaved Black Female Subjects in Canadian Art and Fugitive Slave Advertisements," Women in the Promised Land?: Essays in African Canadian History,  eds. Wanda Bernard, Boulou Ebanda and Nina Reid-Maroney (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2018), pp. 43-74.

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"On being a black female killjoy in Academia," Killjoys: Academic Citizenship and the Politics of Getting Along, Topia: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies (12 March 2018)

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*Outstanding Book of the Year Award 2011, National Communication Associations (NCA), African American Communication and Culture Division (AACCDD) and Black Caucus (BC)

"The 'Hottentot Venus' in Canada: Modernism, Censorship and the Racial Limits of Female Sexuality,"  Venus 2010: They Called Her Hottentot: The Art, Science, and Fiction of Sarah Baartman, eds. Deborah Willis and Carla Williams (Philadelphia: Temple University Press, Academic, 2010), pp. 112-25.

*Susan Koppelman Award 2011 (Awarded to the Best Edited Volume in Women's Studies published in 2010)

"Sugar Cane, Slaves, and Ships: Colonialism, Geography and Power in Nineteenth-Century Landscapes of Montreal and Jamaica,"  Living History: Encountering the Memory of the Heirs of Slavery, ed. Ana Lucia Araujo (New Castle upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishers, 2009), pp. 19-56.

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"Venuse africaine: Race, Beauty, and African-ness," Black Victorians: Black People in British Art 1800-1900 (London: Ashgate Publishing Limited, 2005), pp. 46-56.

A superbly illustrated catalogue is published by Lund Humphries, The Victorian, November 2005

The fascinating essays which make up the contents of this beautifully illustrated book suggest that the black presence in Victorian art is much greater than had hitherto been supposed. Aldridge's stunning portrait is only one of the many arresting images, photographic and otherwise, which make this book so splendid, a remarkable and engrossing book. Birmingham Post, March 2006

Serves as a valuable reference book, thanks to a wealth of well-documented imagery and brief biographies of sitters. Victorian Studies 2006

The catalogue is sensibly designed to last as a stand-alone book and will no doubt soon feature on university reading lists. The Victorian, March 2006

Through An-Other's Eyes: White Canadian Artists - Black Female Subjects
(Oshawa, Canada: Robert McLaughlin Gallery, February 1999); Bilingual

*full English text republished as chapter one of: Charmaine A. Nelson, Representing the Black Female Subject in Western Art, Studies on African and Black Diaspora Series (New York: Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group, 2010)