General News


"Latina professors discuss the use of 'negrito' and 'negrita' after in Latin culture after J.Lo controversy," The San Diego Union-Tribune, 1 November 2020

Canada's Racist Ivy League: The Virulence of McGill's Anti-Black Problem," Ricochet, 19 October 2020

"McGill promises to hire more Black Professors, but the statue of its founder will stay," CBC, 1 October 2020

"No clases. No lectures. No marking. Toronto professors to join #ScholarStrike in protest of police violence," The Toronto Star, 6 September 2020

"Rhodes' statue is going. Now universities must ask: what about John Locke, Elizabeth I and others?," The Guardian, 7 July 2020

"How and Why NSCAD President Aoife MacNamara was Fired," The Halifax Examiner, 29 June 2020

"Amy Cooper world in your Academic department," Inside Higher Ed, 26 June 2020

"Academia Isn't a Safe place for conversations about race and racism," Harvard Business Review, 25 June 2020

"Using historical research to advance anti-racist and decolonial work in contemporary society," McGill Reporter, 11 June 2020

" 'I was Fed up': How #BlackInTheIvory got started, and what its Founders want to see next," The Chronicle of Higher Education, 9 June 2020

"The Growing Field of Black Canadian Studies," University Affairs, 7 August 2019


Arts and Culture

"Virtual Reggae Series honours Black History month and legacy of Denise jones," CBC, 4 February 2021

"Tributes to Slave Traders and Colonialists removed across the UK," The Guardian, 29 January 2021

"Lupin's Omar Sy: 'We wanted to show what the French are capable of'," The Guardian, 27 January 2021

"Amanda Gorman to become first poet to perform at Super Bowl," The Guardian, 27 January 2021

"Art Depicting Viola Desmond displayed on building where she was arrested in 1946," MSN News, 3 October 2020

 " 'Girlfriend's Creator Mara Brock Akil Scores deal with Netflix to produce Original Content,", 9 September 2020

"Chadwick Boseman: The unbearable loss of a prince of American cinema," The Guardian, 29 August 2020

"Canadian Museum for Human Rights employees say they were told to censor gay content for certain guests,",  18 June 2020"

"Toppling Edward Colston's statue is unlikely to be enough to stop public anger," The Guardian, 10 June 2020

"Images of Whiteness: Can we imagine a world without white eyes?" The Guardian, 11 December 2019

"Bronze Cockerel to be returned to Nigeria by Cambridge College," The Guardian, 27 November 2019

"Original Tomb Raider: Was Tutankhamun buried in someone else's grave?" The Guardian, 27 November 2019

"My duty as a Black Man: The artist preserving the gazebo where police killed Tanmir Rice," The Guardian, 22 November 2019

"Artemisia Gentileschi's painting Lucretia sells for almost 4.8m Euros," The Guardian, 13 November 2019

Beauty, Health, Self-Care, and Well-Being

"Lost Touch: how a year without hugs affects our mental health," The Guardian, 24 January 2021

" 'It destroys lives': Why the razor-blade pain of vaginismusis so misunderstood," The Guardian, 31 August 2020

"Black People need more safe spaces in wellness, and this form of Yoga is creating just that," MSN Lifestyle, 29 August 2020

"Black babies more likely to survive when cared for by black doctors - US study," The Guardian, 17 August 2020

"Malone Mukwende created the 'Mind the Gap' book to fight bias in dermatology. Here's how it can save lives," MSN Lifestyle, 13 August 2020

"Denial of women's concerns contributed to decades of medical scandals, says inquiry," The Guardian, 8 July 2020

"Coronavirus Symptoms: What are they and should you see a Doctor?," The Guardian, 17 March 2020

"Scientists Welcome Quebec's Aggressive Coronavirus measures," Montreal Gazette, 16 March, 2020

"Victoria Secret cancels annual televised fashion show as viewer turn off," The Guardian, 22 November 2019

"Rihanna's made-for-TV Savage x font lingerie show kept under wraps," The Guardian, 11 September 2019

"The Black Midwives changing care for women of colour - photo essay," The Guardian, 25 July 2019

" 'My oestrogen levels were all over the place': when men have sympathy pregnancies," The Guardian, 22 July 2019

"Foreskin reclaimers: the 'intactivists' fighting infant male circumcision," The Guardian, 20 July 2019

" 'We don't need to bleed': why many women are giving up on periods," The Guardian, 18 July 2019

"Breast milk donations kept my tiny daughters alive," The Guardian, 29 June 2019

"Are 'weed tampons' the answer to period pain?," The Guardian, 28 May 2019


Covid -19

"Covid Vaccine: 72% of black people unlikely to have jab, UK survey finds," The Guardian, 16 January 2021

"Black and Asian people at greater risk of getting Covid, meta-study finds," The Guardian, 12 November 2020

"Trump heads to hospital as Covid diagnosis throws US into fresh upheaval," The Guardian, 2 October 2020

"Private loos and distance dancing: We go partying at Britain's only festival," The Guardian, 31 August 2020

" 'You can't get close, you can't stay away': Latino cultural beliefs clash with pandemic safety," The Guardian, 27 August 2020

" 'Covid will not kill you as fast as a bullet': Black doctors go from frontlines of pandemic to protests," The Guardian, 10 June 2020

"As 100,000 die, the virus lays bare America's brutal fault lines - race, gender, poverty and broken politics," The Guardian, 28 May 2020

"We're expendable: black Americans pay the price as states lift lockdowns," The Guardian, 25 May 2020

"Why we may not get a coronavirus vaccine," The Guardian, 22 May 2020

"Despite promise, Quebec isn't collecting Covid-19 data about race," Montreal Gazette, 21 May 2020

" 'All the psychoses of US History': How American is victim-blaming the coronavirus dead," The Guardian, 21 May 2020

" 'Instead of doctors, they send police to kill us': locked-down Rio faces deadly raids," The Guardian, 18 May 2020

"New York mother dies after raising alarm on hospital neglect," The Guardian, 2 May 2020

" 'So What?: Bolsonaro's Response got coronavirus deaths riles Brazilians," The Guardian, 30 April 2020

"World's biggest film festivals unite for 10-day streaming event," The Guardian, 27 April 2020

"In a Paris banlieue, Coronavirus amplifies years of inequality," The Guardian, 25 April 2020



"KLM tells breastfeeding women they may be asked to cover up," The Guardian, 17 July 2019

"Hear Us, See Us: a Pleas to the UN for Indigenous women," The Guardian, 29 June 2019

"The deadly truth abut a world built for men - from stab vests to car crashes," The Guardian, 23 February 2019

"#metoo daubed on kissing sailor statue day after serviceman's death," The Guardian, 20 February 2019

History & Science

"Father and Son journey to Digby County shines light on little-known Black History," CBC Nova Scotia, 30 August 2020

"Why the Plague Doctors wore strange Beak masks," National Geographic, 14 March 2020

" 'Women have been woefully neglected': Does medical science have a gender problem?," The Guardian, 18 December 2019

"Revealed: How the Caribbean became a haven for Des fleeing Nazi Tyranny," The Guardian, 7 December 2019

"Heatwave cooks mussels in their shells on California shore," The Guardian, 29 June 2019

"Polish General who fought with Washington may have been female," The Guardian, 6 April 2019

"How Black Train Porters helped put Canada on Track," Globe and Mail, 1 February 2019



"Incredible and Inspirational: Cicely Tyson remembered by Vanessa Williams," The Guardian, 29 January 2021

"N.S. writer Charles Saunders remembered for journalism, groundbreaking fantasy," The Chronicle Herald, 14 September 2020

"Toots Hibbert Obit," The Guardian, 12 September 2020

"Black Panther Star Chadwick Boseman dies of Cancer age 43," The Guardian, 29 August 2020

"John Lewis Obituary," The Guardian, 18 July 2020

" 'The flag bearers of an era': How coronavirus threatens a generation of black Americans," The Guardian, 21 April 2020

"Bill Withers, Influential soul singer behind Ain't No Sunshine, dies aged 80," The Guardian, 3 April 2020

"David  Driskell, the celebrated painter and scholar who championed the long history of black art in America, has died at 88,", 2 April 2020

"Katherine Johnson Obituary," The Guardian, 24 February 2020

" 'Good Times' Actress Ja'Net DuBois Dies," The New York Times, 19 February 2020

"Kobe Bryant: Obituary," The Guardian, 27 January 2020

"Diahann Carrroll: Obituary," The Guardian, 4 October 2019

"Toni Morrison, Revolutionary Political Thinker," The New York Times, 7 August 2019

"Toni Morrison Obituary," The Guardian, 6 August 2019

"John Singleton Obituary," The Guardian, 30 April 2019

"Andrea Levy gave voice to all my silenced forebears," The Guardian, 16 February 2019

"Andrea Levy, chronicler of the Windrush generation, dies at 62," The Guardian, 15 February 2019

"Prof. Agnes Miranda Calliste," Mac Isaac Funeral Home, Antigonish, NS

"Kofi Annan Obituary," The Guardian, 19 August 2018

"Aretha Franklin Obituary," The Guardian, 16 August 2018


"Policing, Racism, and Justice

"Black Lives Matter Movement nominated for Nobel Peace Prize," The Guardian, 29 January 2021

"US Police three times as likely to use force against leftwing protesters, data finds," The Guardian, 14 January 2021

"NBA players weren't surprised by DC. We live with white supremacy every day," The Guardian, 8 January 2021

"Vehicle torched, lobsters pounds storing Mi'kmaw catches trashed during night of unrest in N.S.," CBC, 14 October 2020

"Educator sacrificed his career for future generations,", 7 October 2020

"Say Breonna Taylor's Name, Again," Globe and Mail, 1 October 2020

"Black Hockey Players on loving a sport that doesn't love them back," Maclean's, 9 September 2020

" 'The data is bad': Black and Racialized Canadians lacking on boards, study finds," The Globe and Mail, 6 August 2020

"Yusef Salaam: Trump would have had me hanging from a tree in Central Park," The Guardian, 31 August 2020

"Black Quebecers drive to Legault's office to protest racial profiling," MSN News, 31 August 2020

"George Floyd told officers 'I can't breathe' more than 20 times, transcripts show," The Guardian, 9 July 2020

"How the Spectacle of U.S. racism allows canid to overlook its own,", 5 June 2020

"Man in Violent Nunavut arrest video wants officer charged," CBC, 5 June 2020

"Video of Minnesota man threatening to call police on black entrepreneurs goes viral," The Guardian, 28 May 2020

" 'We're hunted': LeBron James among athletes expressing anger at George Floyd's death" The Guardian, 27 May 2020

"We're all on death row now': Latin America's prisons reel from Covid-19," The Guardian, 16 May 2020

" 'One rule for black boys, and another for white': Corbyn attacks PM," The Guardian, 12 February 2020


"Biden Cabinet: Does this diverse team better reflect America?," BBC News, 26 January 2021

"Election of Kamala Harris to U.S. vice-presidency 'the beginning of something important,' say women of colour," CBC, 11 November 2020

"Black women shed blood, sweat and tears to gain a voice. Granny, this vote is for you," The Guardian, 3 November 2020

"Toronto Lawyer Annamie Paul new leader of Green Party of Canada," Globe and Mail, 3 October 2020

"How Angela Merkel's Great Migrant gamble paid off," The Guardian, 30 August 2020

"French Magazine says sorry for portraying Black MP as a slave," The Guardian, 29 August 2020

" 'It eats him alive inside': Trump latests attack shows endless obsession with Obama," The Guardian, 16 May 2020

"Why Liberal white women pay a lot of money to learn over dinner why they're racist," The Guardian, 3 February 2020

"I believe Black Americans face a genocide. Here's why I choose that word," The Guardian, 15 November 2019

"Black female voters to democrats: 'You won't win the White House without us," The Guardian, 26 April 2019