Undergraduate Courses

  • Introduction to Popular Culture - 3rd year Art History
  • Introduction to Canadian Art - 3rd year Art History
  • Canadian Studies and Race - 4th  year Art History, African Studies, Canadian Studies
  • Canadian Museum Practice and Postcolonial Studies - 4th year Art History
  • Race and Sexuality - 3rd year Art History and Gender and Sexual Diversity Minor
  • The Visual Culture of Slavery - 3rd year Art History and African Studies
  • Introduction to African-American and Black Diasporic Art - 3rd year Art History and African Studies
  • Representation of the Black Subject in Historical and Contemporary Popular Culture - 3rd year Art History/Communication Studies
  • Nineteenth-Century Sculpture - 3rd year Art History
  • Methods in Art History - 3rd year required course Art History
  • Museum Studies - 4th year Honours Required Course, Art History
  • Honours Thesis Course - 4th year Honours Required Course, Art History
  • The Black Subject in Western Television and Film - 4th year Art History, African Studies
  • Canadian Slavery and its Legacies: A Curatorial Seminar


Graduate Courses

*all of the following courses were offered for MA and PhD Art History programs  unless otherwise stated

  • Canada, the Black Diaspora and the Trans Atlantic World
  • Postcolonialism and Blackness: Thought, Theory and Culture
  • Contestations and Negotiations: Identity, Production and Location in Nineteenth-Century Art
  • Landscape and Empire: Colonialism, Geography and British Imperialism
  • Pro-Seminar in Art History Trans Atlantic World and Art History: Of Colonialism, Geography and Power
  • Caribbean Art, Culture and Theory
  • Oh Canada: Theorizing Identity and Location in a National Context Critical Interventions: Identification, Location, Culture -  MA Art History/MFA Studio
  • Theorizing the Modern: Of Locations, Aesthetics and the Body - MA Art History/MFA Studio
  • Critical Methods in Art and Art History - MA Art History/MFA Studio